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民主党2020通过舞弊窃选,盗得总统和两院多数后,现在准备将这些舞弊窃选的骚操作合法化!民主党2021 推出第一个议案HR1,就是以法律形式固定这些舞弊行为,其中包括联邦一统大选,剥夺宪法中制定的各州对选举事务的控制权,大规模邮寄选票,不许验证签名,废除投票ID,允许非公民投票,用纳税人的钱给政客做竞选基金等等幺蛾子,数不胜数。目的就是一个:让民主党成为一个万年不倒的伟光正党,其他的党派就是摆设。彻底终结美国的宪政民主。


民主党现在正试图废掉Filibuster。废掉只需要简单多数。如果按党派投票,是50:50,加上贺小三那一票,民主党就能废除Filibuster, 然后再以同样简单多数就可以通过HR1。

民主党籍参议员Joe Manchin (西维吉尼亚)和 Krysten Sinema(亚利桑那) 表示过不支持废除Filibuster。民主党左派阵营正在对他们施加很大的压力,让他们改变想法。我们保守派爱国者也必须赶快行动,给他们发信,打电话,敦促他们坚守信念,不要反水。


Senator Joe Manchin

Senator Krysten Sinema


Dear Senator XXXX:

I, XXX, a US citizen from XXX, urge you to reject efforts to abolish the legislative filibuster. Such a move would effectively stamp out minority rights in the United States Senate and have irreparable, negative effects on our country. I fully echo the following view in January 25 letter to the Senate from Heritage Action for America and its alliances:

“The legislative filibuster is an essential part of ensuring a strong system of checks and balances. While we typically do not weigh in on Congressional procedure, we believe elimination of the legislative filibuster could result in a slew of destructive policy changes.

For decades, members of both parties have sought to protect the rights of the minority party in the Senate to shape policy, including the right of extended debate. This has been the most distinctive feature of the U.S. Senate as an institution for more than 200 years and defines the way that the Senate participates in the legislative process. The legislative filibuster has been used by both parties, and while it can be a frustration to the party in power, it helps to ensure that policy is sustainable and reflective of the entire country – not just those with temporary control in the Senate. As recently as 2017, 61 Senators, including 32 Democrats, stated clear opposition to “any effort to curtail the existing rights and prerogatives of Senators to engage in full, robust, and extended debate as we consider legislation before this body in the future.” The principles of this bipartisan statement ring true today.

Unfortunately, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) recently declared that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to protecting minority rights in the 117th Congress. This statement makes it clear that Senator Schumer is willing to permanently unravel the core principles of the Senate to pass an agenda written by his party and his party alone. The harmful impact of this short-sighted move on the institution of the Senate cannot be understated. America’s founders designed a legislative branch with two different chambers – different in both their representation and their operation. Short-term political ends do not justify the means of destroying this design.”

Our country needs legislative filibuster. In the current socio-political climate, in which our two parties are more divided and extreme than ever in recent history, the filibuster is the only thing left to protect citizens from radical change.

I strongly urge you to reject attempts to eliminate the legislative filibuster.



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